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Setup CamiTK 4 Development Environment

This is required to develop a new CamiTK Extension Project. Installing the developer environment depends on the OS on which you are planning to develop.

We recommend that you use the last stable version of CamiTK (see below for the bleeding edge version)

Setup the stable development environment

Currently the CamiTK team supports the following OS:

CamiTK also works on MacOS, but we could not spare any time to write the documentation on how to setup the environment for MacOS (do not hesitate to help!)

Setup the CamiTK bleeding edge development environment

The bleeding edge version of CamiTK is the currently developed version (aka the develop branch). This is not a stable version and it comes with no guarantee... But all the newest and cool features!

We advise you to use the develop branch if and only if: - either the current stable version is missing an absolutely required feature (something you really really need in your project) - or you would like to participate in the development of the next version of CamiTK - or you are curious and want to help us test all the new features before they are released to ensure minimal number of bugs

If you just want to get on working, just use the stable version.

For the develop version we recommend to use debian stable, Ubuntu 17.04 or 17.10: