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CamiTK Development Tutorial

The following set of tutorials will show you how you could use CamiTK for development.

If you have any problems/doubts/comments regarding the following tutorials, please do not hesitate to ask for help.

Tutorial source

The tutorial CEP is provided with the CamiTK Community Edition. It contains some examples that could help you develop your own extension:

Type Name What does it demonstrates? Source Code
Action averagevoxelvalues (image) Compute the average voxels value in the neiborhoods of the currently selected voxel tutorials/actions/averagevoxelvalues
Action basicpicking (image and mesh) A basic picking demo extension. It contains two actions demonstrating one way to get information on mesh or images using picking (i.e., clicking on the object in the 2D/3D interactive viewer) tutorials/actions/basicpicking
Action hardcodedpipeline (misc) Demo how to apply/run two actions from another one using a hard-coded pipelines tutorials/actions/hardcodedpipeline
Action meshanimation (mesh) Demo how to "animate" a mesh (i.e., dynamically apply displacements to a mesh). Shows three ways of doing this: basic animation, with a timer and using an external library (see the shakerlib library) tutorials/actions/meshanimation
Action meshpointdata (mesh) Demo how to (programmatically) show/hide mesh point data using a color scale tutorials/actions/meshpointdata
Action properties (misc) Demo how to create various type of action parameters and manipulates component dynamic properties (for instance add some dynamic properties in an action) tutorials/actions/properties
Action selection (mesh) Demo how to work with the mesh selection tutorials/actions/selection
Action sleepingwhileworking (viewer and image) Demo how to directly manipulate the viewers to change the camera and selected slice in an 3D image (and pretend you are busily doing it yourself!) tutorials/actions/
Action vtkwidget Demo how to add a VTK 3D widget in a viewer (a VTK widget is a type of interactor directly available in a 3D VTK renderer window). See also the advanced topic "Add VTKWidget to an action in CamiTK" tutorials/actions/vtkwidget
Component mixed Demo how to integrate an image (.mha) and a mesh (.vtk) together in a same top-level component tutorials/components/mixed
Component pickme (mesh) Demo how to use pointPicked(..) and cellPicked(..) methods to interact directly with a component tutorials/components/pickme
Component abort Demo how CamiTK handle AbortException in component constructor. tutorials/components/abort
Viewer MyViewer Demo how to create new type of CamiTK viewer and integrate it in a CamiTK Application. The viewer is a really simple text viewer (it just send a text message everytime a component is read/close and gives information about current number of components) viewers
Application basic A simple (4 lines of code!) CamiTK application that consists only of a central axial viewer applications/basic
Application fancy A fancy main window that have a different background and different viewer placement applications/fancy
Application menubar A simple application with a main window that has a three items menu bar: a file menu (open, close, quit), an action menu (present the available action for the currently selected component), and a help menu (with a classic "about"). The most difficult part is to manage the "Action" menu (as it depends on the selection). The main window has also two viewers (component explorer and 3D viewer) applications/menubar
Application objectcontroller Shows a simple object controller GUI (gives an idea of what is possible to do in CamiTK thanks to qtpropertybrowser) applications/objectcontroller
Application simple A simple application that has no menubar, no toolbar and no statusbar. It demonstrates that an application can be a very classical 3D view and/or 4 viewers, with just a MedicalViewer as the main widget (note the default black background set to the 3D viewer) applications/simple
Application testlogger An application that test all the CamiTK logger methods applications/testlogger
Application testloggercrash An application that test all the CamiTK logger and its behaviour when somethings goes horribly wrong applications/testloggercrash

Other tutorials

This wiki contains additional how-tos: