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How To Ask For Help

If you are facing a difficulty while developing in CamiTK, you may want to ask more experimented users for help. Here is explained how to do so.

Make sure your question is not already answered

On the Forge

You may use the search engine on top of the page. And to be able to use all the features it is recommended to create an account on this page.

On the FAQ

On the API Documentation

The API documentation features lots of information. You may use the Modules tab to browse the different CamITK source code content or directlty search on the engine in the top right corner.

On the Tips & Tricks section

This section feature developers level helps on several subject, do not hesitate to check it out!

Check CamiTK version and installation settings before posting

Use the camitk-config application to get information about your installed version of CamiTK

On Linux

  • On a command line tool (shell, bash, etc.) type:
camitk-config --config

On Windows

  • Open a Command tool (Start->search->cmd)
  • Go to the directory where CamiTK is installed, which is motsly
cd C:\dev\CamiTK\install\bin
  • Run the Camitk-config program with the --config option
camitk-config.exe --config

On Mac OSX

  • Open a Terminal
  • run the following command (you may have to preceded it with the full absolute path if you did not install CamiTK in /usr/local/bin).
camitk-config --config

On all Systems

  • Check that your directories are correctly set.
  • Check that all the application-action can be loaded
  • Copy the resulting text to paste it within your post.

About the Form

In order for us to betterly understand your issues and for the solution to help everyone reading your post, please post:

  • In English
  • Present yourself, the institution you’re working for (university, laboratory, company, free lance enterprise, etc.) .
  • Be Polite
  • Try to be clear / meaningful. Try to explain the step you’ve done until you encounter your problem. Simply telling one thing doesn’t work doesn’t help.