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Migration guide from 4.0 to 4.1

The main objective of the CamiTK 4.0 was to ensure that CamiTK will stay up to date with its basic dependencies. Qt4, VTK5 and CMake version 2 became obsolete. CamiTK 4.0 had therefore to ensure compatibility with Qt5, VTK6 and CMake version 3.

CamiTK 4.1 is the first stable release of the 4.x family. It removes all the 3.x deprecated methods and clean up a lot of obsolete Core library API methods.

This page guides you to all the changes that might require some modification of your own CEP source code. There is mainly three things that might require your attention:

  • the new log system
  • some changes in the ImageComponent API
  • automatic integration test

Log message

CamiTK 4.1 introduces a new log system, which is more powerful, very flexible and can trace anything on the console as well as in a log file. The log macros were simplified and this is the only change that will require your attention.

Before CamiTK 4.1

Before CamiTK 4.1, the log macros (CAMITK_ERROR CAMITK_WARNING CAMITK_INFO and CAMITK_DEBUG) did not use C++ and compiler introspection. They required three parameters:

  • the first parameter was a std::string that states the global context (usually the name of the class)
  • the second parameter was a std::stringthat states the local context (usually the name of the method)
  • the third one was a std::ostream& formatted object that gave the message per se

From CamiTK 4.1

  1. The log macros only requires one QString parameter: you now need to use QString concatenation and powerful formatting abilities to create the message. The global and local context are now automatically deduced by the compiler and Qt introspection mechanism. You just need to focus on the message.
  2. The CAMITK_DEBUG macro was renamed CAMITK_TRACE
  3. The CAMITK_STATIC_... macros were renamed CAMITK_..._ALT (ALT as in alternative)
  4. You may have to add #include <Log.h> at the top of your implementation files.

It is recommanded to read the new log system documentation to see how things got much easier to send a message to the user or to debug your code.


Before CamiTK 4.1

CAMITK_WARNING("ReorientImage", "buildGeometries", "3D Model VTK files not found")


CAMITK_DEBUG ( "ComputeNormals", "apply", "The mesh point set of " << getTargets().first()->getName().toStdString() << " is not a polydata" )

From CamiTK 4.1

CAMITK_WARNING("3D Model VTK files not found")


CAMITK_TRACE("The mesh point set of " + getTargets().first()->getName() + " is not a polydata")

When you will run the updated code, we believe that you'll will quickly see the benefits of the new log system...

ImageComponent API

The following methods in ImageComponent were marked as deprecated in CamiTK 3.4 and are now removed:

  • the methods getImageSize() was removed, use the "Image Size" property (e.g., imageComponent->property("Image Size")) or directly something like double* dimensions = imageComponent->getImageData()->GetDimensions() if you need the image dimensions as an array of double.
  • the method getDataType() was removed, use the "Voxel Data Type" property instead (or directly the imageComponent->getImageData()->GetScalarTypeAsString())
  • the method getVoxelSize() was removed, use the "Voxel Size" property or directly something like double* spacing = imageComponent->getImageData()->GetSpacing()
  • the methods getViewIn3D() and setViewIn3D( bool ) were removed, use the "Display Image in 3D Viewer" property to get/set the visibility in the 3D viewer
  • the method getImageOrigin() was removed, use the Frame API to get the spacial origin of the image

Other CamiTK Core library API changes

There were also some internal code cleaning and removal of deprecated methods inside the CamiTK core library. Only the most advance CEP, if any, might be impacted. It is very unlikely that you will encounter a problem with these removal or renaming.

  • In ActionWidget
    • updateTargets() was renamed into update() to better reflect the aims of this method: the targets and the properties are updated
  • In InterfaceBitmap:
    • Enum PossibleOrientation was removed (deprecated in CamiTK 3.4). Use Enum SliceOrientation of class Slice
    • Methods get/setRotationX() get/setRotationY() and get/setRotationZ() were removed, they were not needed here and should only be required/implemented in ArbitrarySlice
  • In InterfaceProperty:
    • methods isInstanceOf() and getHierarchy() became const (and therefore all Component)
    • method setDynamicProperty() was removed, as the CamiTK property mechanism takes over all the Qt dynamic property management. Use addProperty(Property *) instead.
    • method getPropertyWidget() (deprecated since CamiTK 3) was removed, use the methods getPropertyWidgetAt() and getNumberOfPropertyWidget() instead.
    • method getPropertyWidgetAt() now only takes one parameter (the second parameter was never used/needed)
  • In MeshComponent:
    • setActiveData() was removed (this method was only available in CamiTK 3.4 to 4.0.4), use setDataRepresentationVisibility(fieldType, name, true) method instead.
    • getSelectionList() was removed (this method was only available in CamiTK 3.4.0), use the getSelections() methods instead.
  • In Slice and SingleImageComponent accordingly to the removal of PossibleOrientation, the corresponding constructors were removed. Use the constructors that take a SliceOrientation instead.
  • In Component
    • accordingly to the InterfaceProperty and InterfaceBitmap updates, the methods getPropertyWidget() setDynamicProperty() get/setRotationX() get/setRotationY() and get/setRotationZ() were removed.
    • getActionAndPopupMenu() was removed. The Action framework in CamiTK 3.0 made this method obsolete.
  • In ImageComponent and MeshComponent accordingly to the InterfaceProperty update:
    • getPropertyWidgetAt() method now only takes one parameter (the second parameter was never used/needed)
  • In SingleImageComponent, the method getMyParentComponent() was also removed. use (camitk::Component*) myParentNode instead.
  • In ActionViewer class, getActionViewer() was remove (use getInstance() instead)
  • Class ComponentPopupMenu was removed. The Action framework in CamiTK 3.0 made this class obsolete.
  • In MainWindow
    • method addViewer() became private, use addDockViewer or setCentralViewer instead
  • In ExtensionManager
    • methods loadComponentExtension() loadActionExtension() were removed, use loadExtension() instead
    • methods autoloadComponentExtensions() and autoloadActionExtensions() were removed, use autoload() instead
    • methods getActionExtensions() getComponentExtensions() and getDataDirectoryComponents() were removed, use getActionExtensionsList() getComponentExtensionsList() and getDataDirectoryComponentsList() instead
  • In Core
    • method getComponentDir() was removed, use getComponentDirectories() instead
    • method getActionDir() was removed, use getActionDirectories() instead
    • method getModuleDir() was removed, use getComponentDirectories() or getActionDirectories() instead
    • method getCoreLibDir() was removed, use getGlobalInstallDir() instead

Command line arguments

Command line arguments were rationalized to conform to GNU standard for command line interface:

  • In camitk-imp command line argument --noConsole was renamed --no-console
  • In camitk-actionstatemachine command line argument --outDir was renamed --output-dir
  • In camitk-config:
    • command line argument --printPath was renamed --print-paths
    • command line argument --camitkDir was renamed --camitk-dir
    • command line argument --shortVersion was renamed --short-version
    • command line argument --completeVersion was renamed --complete-version
    • command line argument --timeStamp was renamed --time-stamp
  • In camitk-testcomponents
    • command line argument --odir was renamed --output-dir

CMake target names

All the CMake targets created by CamiTK now starts with camitk and words are separated using - (dash) instead of _ (underscore).

For instance sdk_local_install became camitk-ce-local-install ("ce" stands for "community edition", see next section).

All CEP CMake general targets now start with camitk-lowercasenameofcep.

CamiTK OpenSource cep set

The CamiTK OpenSource cep set was renamed "CamiTK Community Edition" for better identification and clarity.

Automatic integration test

CamiTK comes with a test builder that can automatically add integration tests for actions and components. Since version 4.1, the camitk_extension(..) macro option that automatically generate these tests was renamed from AUTO_TEST to ENABLE_AUTO_TEST.

Before CamiTK 4.1


Since CamiTK 4.1



There is also a new integration test, based on the action state machine and that can run an entire pipeline, can also be generated automatically (check the new ENABLE_INTEGRATION_TEST option of the camitk_extension(..) macro.